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SCAN: Completed; X-1981:

As E. Cope Arrived by carriage at his luxury tent, he imagined Christina as a winged creature, bringing to life the bird like bones he had delicately been excavating all through the hot day. He made a mental note: he ought to draw this machination of mind - but not, of course, until after his nightly bath.

Cope gently tugged at his mustache, imagining Christina, arm in arm with Othniel. The memory of the last time she stood before him, her face white and eyes wide in terror as she leafed through the loose pile of parchment: each page a different drawing of her, transformed into one of Cope’s ancient creatures.

He brushed it from thought, gingerly stepped into the tent, intending to remove his suit and prepare a bath. What he saw next surprised him: parchment, notebooks, shirts, and mirrors scattered around the floor without care. In the dust he recognized the marks of a great, winged creature.

He remembered the collapsing

of stars

He also


collapsing,the creature,


chest cavity

he also imagined the cut

of stars